People who keep up with the latest technology update their electronics when new items come out. If the old devices still work, you may not want to throw them away. In the end, you may have an electronics graveyard sitting in your home. Continue reading to learn five reasons to recycle your electronics.

1. Hackers Can Get Data From Your Old Devices

If you throw away your old electronics, hackers might be able to get your information off of the device. You might think that deleting it will do the trick, but the reality is that the data could still be discovered by hackers because files still exist. When you delete the information, it can still be retrieved. However, if you recycle the electronic device, nobody will ever get a hold of your personal information.

2. Electronics Are Bad for the Environment

When you throw away electronics, it can cause air and water pollution. In addition, they cause greenhouse gases. The EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency, states that recycling one million computers alone will save the equivalent of the electricity that is used by 3500 houses in one year.

3. Some States Have Laws Against Throwing Away Old Electronics

In 25 different states, there are laws that require electronic recycling of some kind. Many of the remaining states are currently working on legislation as well. This covers many different electronic items, from TVs and computers to DVD players, game consoles, and cell phones.

4. Recycling Electronics Preserves Valuable Resources

When you recycle electronics, you recover a lot of resources that can be used again. They say that when you recycle one million cell phones, you recover the following materials:

  • 35,000 pounds of copper
  • 772 pounds of silver
  • 75 pounds of gold
  • 35 pounds of palladium

All of these materials can be reused and repurposed when you recycle electronics.

5. You Can Drop Them Off at a Retailer

There are a lot of different retailers that will take your electronics and eliminate any data. You can go to electronics stores, nonprofits that do this, or local government recycling programs. You need to look at the programs available from different retailers.

For example, Apple will recycle computers from any brand, and they will let you trade your old Apple products in when you buy a new one. Other companies, such as Staples or Best Buy, also have recycling programs.