Artificial intelligence has long been the fascination of science fiction writers and directors, but it’s quickly making its way into the real world. While it’s far from the feared “Singularity” event pictured in most movies, artificial intelligence is impacting almost every industry on the planet right now. Whether it’s data processing, automation, or innovation, here are some of the most prominent ways that AI is changing the world.


While self-driving cars are still in their infancy, they’re expected to start taking over our roads within the next decade. The first industry that’s expected to adopt it is long-haul trucking because autonomous vehicles don’t get tired and can help prevent many accidents caused by overworked truckers on the road. While this scares some people, AI is faster at seeing and reacting to danger than we’ll ever be, and it can make a huge difference in accident rates. 


AI-enabled machines are expected to be used to limit tasks such as assembly or stocking alongside human counterparts, assisting with efficiency and keeping equipment running. While many are afraid that robots are going to take our jobs entirely, there are still only a limited range of tasks that AI are currently capable of doing. 

Health Care

AI is revolutionizing the healthcare field in all sorts of ways – it’s helping diagnose diseases, discover new drugs, monitoring patients, and analyzing data to help make things more efficient for hospitals and more personalized for patients. Data is a huge part of medical care and outsourcing this work to AI can help healthcare workers focus on bettering the patient experience. 


The shift to virtual learning during the pandemic has brought a whole host of innovations, including those related to AI. Tasks such as digitizing textbooks, assisting human instructors with tutoring, and even monitoring students’ facial expressions to determine who might be bored or struggling are just some of the applications for AI in the educational sector.