Lately, purchasing trends reveal that consumers are prioritizing environment sustainability when buying. Consumers are shifting to companies that share their interest in safeguarding the planet as the world is bracing for the effects of global warming, flooding, world fires, and food shortage. Regardless of what they are purchasing, options in the form of price, quality, or variety are limitless, but they should not be at the expense of the environment. These six companies are reacting to consumer preferences and leading the way in protecting the environment.


Funding: $20M

The San Francisco-based company was established in 2021. It helps enterprises deploy energy-saving solutions on their premises. Adaptive markets its product as Efficiency-as-a-Service (EaaS) and allows clients to plan and install energy efficiency solutions to maximize their energy savings.


Funding: $400M

The clean energy and solar financing company facilitate households and home improvers with inexpensive financial options based on a unified point-of-sale. Mosaic’s technology simplifies and manages the credit negotiation process by eliminating barriers that prevent homeowners from adopting clean energy.

Aurora Solar

Funding: $20M

Aurora Solar was established in 2013 with its headquarters in San Fransisco. The company combines energy efficiency with cloud computing to develop solutions that assist technicians in managing workflows and improving performance at the customer level. The distinct software platform tracks the commissioning of solar panels and allows its personnel to oversee the financing, sales, modeling, and compliance from a centralized location.


Funding: $10M

Span is a recently formed startup based in San Francisco, focusing on improving electric circuits at homes by supplying the digital alternative to the typical fuse box, which supports better power flow management to home appliances. Their interfaces allow households to use power efficiently and benefit from energy savings.


Funding: $96M

Molekule was established in 2014 as a manufacturer of air purifiers. The nanotechnology-powered product is designed to eliminate toxins from the air to assist people breath effortlessly. Unlike traditional cleaners that use filters to trap air, Molekule’s development is based on technology that destroys pollutants, fumes, and pathogens.

Levelten Energy

Funding: $28M

The Seattle-based company encourages small firms to invest in clean energy by supplying renewable energy in packages and prices equivalent to their client’s needs. Levelten Energy’s market technology also provides these companies with a range of options and providers, facilitating transactions and networking between parties.